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Posted by mdixon on 18 February 2011 12:17 PM

Freesat Logo

What is Freesat?

Freesat is an alternative to Freeview that uses a satellite dish instead of a traditional TV aerial. Unlike other popular satellite TV services, Freesat requires no subscription, so once the dish and receiver are set up, there are no more fees to pay.


How is Freesat different to Freeview?

The main difference is coverage – figures state that Freesat covers 98% of the UK, which would be perfect for those in areas that have no or poor Freeview signal.

Freesat also boasts more TV and Radio channels than Freeview, which can be viewed here:

(Requires Adobe Reader)

Is Freesat in HD?

Freesat currently has 3 HD channels, and unlike Freeview, which currently only allows certain areas to receive HD channels, Freesat’s are viewable by all. There are plans to add more HD channels in the near future.

Freesat HD

Is Freesat the same as Sky?

No, Freesat is independent to services such as Sky, BT Vision and Virgin Media. If you are an existing Sky customer however, you can use the existing dish on your home combined with a new set-top box to receive Freesat. In most cases it won’t even need re-aligning.

What equipment do I need to watch Freesat?

Freesat Equipment

As mentioned before you will need a dish, which can be installed for around £80 – £100. You will also need a Freesat receiver, which typically start at around £50. Why not see what we have in stock here at GoGoDigital?

Can I record programmes and pause live TV like Sky+?

You can, provided you buy a Freesat+ unit. This will allow you to one-touch record, schedule single recordings and series recordings, and pause and rewind live TV. We also stock Freesat recorders here at GoGoDigital:

What about on-demand services?

Most Freesat HD receiver boxes support BBC iPlayer and ITV Player (coming soon) when connected with your home network. This service reportedly only needs a connection speed of 1mb, with 2mb minimum for high-quality viewing.

Am I the sort of person who would benefit from Freesat?

If you have a poor Freeview signal in your area, or want to experience HD channels in an area with no current Freeview HD signal, then Freesat would be very beneficial to you, especially if you do not want to pay a monthly fee for the privilege.

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